The duel of the millennium: Rising Sun vs Palmarito

The duel MILLENNIUM ... the Grand Championship Cup Horse Minin ... Sol Naciente vs. Kuilan Palmarito ... !!!

Gentlemen, what a show ... !!! Sol Naciente and Palmarito are two outstanding horses in his gait ... different ... but both are fine ... short ... fast ... and with a masterful arrangement both ... This time the judges chose the Rising Sun, but either can win at any time ...

This is what we needed in the Purismo ... two horses move awaken the passion and fans as these two champions did in Dorado ... congratulations to them both, owners and coaches ... but above all, congratulations to Purismo ... !!!

Video courtesy of Hatchery Cundeamores ...

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Summary Sweet Dream Fair 2015

The Window to the Paso Fino has done an excellent program where they present the historical background of the Fair Sweet Dream ... a little path Barriers Carmen, whom he dedicated the show ... and a summary of the competition this year ...

With the participation of Luis Oliveras, who is splashing comments and anecdotes whole program ... the truth is that no waste ... !!!

Dividing a good time, pay attention and sit comfortable and enjoy the Sweet Dream Fair 2015 ...

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Carmen, the Witch and the Promise

No doubt there are people who influence the development of the other race. Breeders visionary bequeath to future generations the heritage of outstanding horses and copies serve as a model for those who come after. I say this because the issue of the Dulce Sueño Fair this year was dedicated to one of these pillars of our race: Doña Carmen Barriers ... Here I share the beautiful sketch was written on it.

Carmen, the Witch and the Promise

Barriers Iris Carmen Santiago was born in Caguas on May 19. Only daughter. His father, Manuel Peña Barreras, was pharmacist; while his mother, Angelica Laureano Santiago, was dedicated to the tasks of your home.

Carmen A passion for horses comes from a very small. They say his father did not like to take a ride that gave tantrums that no man take it down.

I study social work, with a master's degree from the University of Wisconsin, and is currently on track to complete a doctorate in clinical social work.

Once his studies finished, Carmen is set in the United States. When you begin working achieves his dream and bought his first mare, which he called Lady. Shortly thereafter acquires two competition horses American Saddlebred race, which competed with great success.

Cupid Promise Return to Puerto Rico in 1972 and first foray into horse breeding Paso Fino. Four years later, in 1976, Carmen acquires to be his two great loves: Warlock Promise Kofresí and Cupid. El Brujo bought it Nonon Figueroa when he was one year; Promise and was barely two years old when he bought Dr. Carrasquillo. Experienced riders know how difficult it is to select a "champion" at such a young age, and Carmen chose not one but two of the most important examples of our race.

Cupid promise reaches titles Champion Filly and Mare Grand Champion at the Federation of Sport Horses Paso Fino PR; and it will be remembered as one of the finest mares had our race. It is noteworthy that this extraordinary mare remained unbeaten during his career in the ski competitions.

In 1980, Carmen moved to Isabela and take their horses to the stables of Jose Hernandez. By that time he had been born mare Spell, Witch and Promise daughter, and one of the pillars in raising Carmen. From this date, the Wizard will be consolidated as one of the best of his time pimps and Grand Sire producing copies of the stature of Coralito, Digital, Aristocracy, Shadow of Warlock, Basallo, The Sorcerer, Warlock Amorosa, Pride Warlock, Carrilera and others.

For 1983, Carmen decides to move back to the United States and carries with it all copies, settling in South Carolina. At that time Vie Promise and the PFOBA Brujo (PFHA today), being both as international champions. While in the United States, Carmen caste which will become his other great love: Indiscretion of Promise. A copy of Promise mediasangre son Cupid in the famous Colombian Paso Fino stallion, Spring IV. This crossing left arrogance demonstrated genetic Promise and Carmen line, as it dominated Indiscretion so that only the characteristics of his father are distinguished.

Warlock Kofresí At the request of a great friend, Carmen decided in 1989 to bring back Brujo Puerto Rico to serve on the farm pimp Kuilan Dorado Minin. In that year the Sorcerer Kofresí served 86 mares, setting their natural characteristics, elasticity in the hindquarters, height, vigor and beauty.

Today, Carmen has about 12 copies all descendants of his three great loves: Warlock Kofresí, Promise Promise Cupid and indiscretion. Among them is Manuela, double Sorcerer Kofresí and granddaughter of the great promise of Cupid, but above all, a worthy representative of the line that Carmen has developed and guarded for over 40 years.

Carmen has not only excelled in horses, but also dabbled in breeding purebred dogs. First with the Doberman Pinscher dog race, where we remember his beloved "David" so smart that the only thing missing was speaking. Currently has a breeding Fila Brasileiro. Your preferred are Coco, Pechi, Hoya and Rex.

Those who have had the opportunity to learn about this great Puerto Rican woman can attest to his integrity and human sensitivity, strength and courage to face every challenge that life submitted. Always accompanied by his trusty Toñita, who helps him since 1976. Women of culture and deep enough look. Faithful and honest friend, who on more than one occasion sin to tell the unvarnished truth. A lover of music and poetry; and scholar of American Indian cultures. But above all, tireless advocate Race Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino.

~ * ~ Long live the Paso Fino! ~ * ~

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The legacy of Galana

Rafa Angel asked me to write a review of Galana to read during the "Galana Challenge", a challenge that the Insular throws horses and mares who have qualified during the year. Here I will share them to those who could not be in the Island. I take this opportunity to thank Pepe Llenín anecdotes shared by his conversations with me Baby Beltran, David Lang for information Galana dates and features, and Arsdelicata for information pedigrees.

Our race is formed on the inheritance of an outstanding group of animals: horses and mares that left a mark on the history of the Paso Fino, whose descendants still arouses passions among owners, breeders and fans.

Among this select group, a mare stands out above the rest for their qualities and their genetic power. And if we consider Sweet Dream as the "Father of the Race," this mare should give him the title of "Mother of the Modern Paso Fino". I mean the great mare Galana.

Galana was born in 1951. He was mated by renowned breeder Joseph B. Ramirez Acosta on his farm "La Australia ', located in the Lajas Valley. She was the daughter of Florido horse, which in turn was the son of India said in Sweet Dream. His mother was the mare Marina, the daughter of Pharaoh Battle in Salinas. It was registered in the Federation with registration number 1133.

Baby Beltran account that in the mid-50's, Don Jose Ramirez Acosta had decided to sell some animals and he went to visit him at his estate in Lajas in search of the Galana filly. He was accompanied by the master of the flange Don Toño Kuilan. Upon arrival, and Ramirez Acosta had sold to a breeder filly named Carolina Angulo. Not finding, on the recommendation of Don Toño Beltran bought two daughters Battle Horse Marina, the mother of Galana, and the witch, who later became the mother of Kofresí. A short time later, Beltran makes him an approach to buy from Angulo and get Galana for $ 800. As comparative data, Marina and La Bruja had cost $ 600 each, which was a considerable sum at that time.

Galana went to live with Marina, The Witch and Rainbow to the estate of Don Toño in Dorado. There were born three of the most important horses had our race: Kofresí, Don TOQUI and Carabalí, along with a battery of colts and fillies that would be the envy of any breeder. On a historical note, Beltran often shared his success as breeder Don Toño, who advised him that made crossings.

Galana was a chestnut mare closed color, good size and nice conformation. He never formally -in competition dome that time the mares were intended mostly for recría-, but was distinguished by his great verve, finesse and speed. Beltran at that time, where men walked only in horses, occasionally escaped Don Toño visit "girlfriends" in Galana says. So impressive were her walk and elegance!

Besides Joseph B. Ramirez Acosta and Wilfredo "Baby" Beltran, Galana also belonged to Genarín Nonon Cautiño and Figueroa. A sample of the great breeders become so because they recognize the immense value of the mares, especially mares extraordinary, superior qualities and race proven background as Galana.

Galana crossed with the best pimps of his time, let's remember those crossings to understand the enormous genetic legacy that this mare has brought to our race.

With Kahifás occurred

  • Galanilla (1954), mother of Dominguito (Sunday) and grandmother Caribbean Sunday.

With Rainbow produced three extraordinary mares,

  • Cosita Linda (1957), mother of Cocoroco and challenging;
  • Vicky (1959) Ulesati mother, Conquistador, Blossom, Idol, Tauris of Tanamá, Hunaya, Flamenco Kofresí and Decalaf di Amoreto;
  • Perla Fina (1961), mother of Tanamá coquette.

Candelaria occurred

  • Cleo (1960), mother of Hummingbird, Pentagram, Kofresita and Jacaguas.


  • Desired (1970).

With Blossom occurred

  • Galano (1971), father of Galen, and The Wasp Guarabeña.

Kofresí the junction was a legendary crossing produced some of the greatest legends of our race,

  • Galanita (1962), mother of Cialito, Abolengo, Kofrega and Galanita II;
  • Siboney the Witch (1966), arguably the finest horse that has taken our race, and father of Botafogo, Adaesed, Maria de los Angeles, Hex and Abeyno;
  • Cucululú (1967), mother of Cucululu II, Kofresí II (Petrocheli) Black Bull Jr, Fury Jr Cucululú and Volt;
  • Glorivee (1969), mother of Nightmare and Piel Canela;
  • Sangie (1972), mother of Bolivar II;
  • Countess (1973), Spring mother and sleepless nightmare.

Among his grandchildren are some of the most renowned examples of our time ... we mention only a few because the list is huge,

  • Farmer;
  • Caribbean Domingo;
  • El Duende;
  • Ringer;
  • Tempting;
  • Music;
  • Freko;
  • Vanessa flower;
  • Carnival Kofresí;
  • Rhythmic;
  • Cherub;
  • Cover;
  • Cialito return;
  • Audible Cialito;
  • Serpentine (Wendolyn mother and grandmother Domingo and Caribbean Cuentas Claras);
  • Miguela of Cialito (mother Sovereign Lord);
  • Belinda (Majestic Replica mother);
  • Carfrega (mother of controversy Labriego);
  • Finesse (father of Lineage d'Excellence);
  • Orchid (Red Beard mother);
  • Equus;
  • Labriego filigree;
  • Labriego fantasy;
  • Don Antonio;
  • Don Perignon;
  • Kolibrí;
  • and Jerry.

Galana is one of the pillars of our race ... and 60 years later, his legacy lives on in our dogs.

Galana Long live ... and live the Paso Fino !!!

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