Open Letter from Prof Antonio Ramirez Cordova

Our dear friend, Professor Antonio Ramirez Cordova, sent us this letter with some of their concerns about the judges and the state of our race.


I write with a pressing concern with clarity of mind. Competence is the Paso Fino horse our, unique in the world and National Treasury to Dr. Ferdinand Padron Jimenez, Professor, University of Puerto Rico at Utuado.

I am convinced that this horse and I step on a wide penumbra, a fact that emerges often being judged at the mercy of foreign criteria, framed in the Colombian step, which is antagonistic to that of our horse, the breed dates back to the eighteenth century.

In short, these judges and also begin to issue their rulings, microphone in hand, even resorting to speech, turns and sayings brother country.

I wonder how many of these judges have a pure horse? How many favor it? How many have been fed?

The Puerto Rican people must weigh what is said, and called to defend it with his lance, as the gates of the Paso Fino are open wide, a fact that undermines the Puerto Rican Culture, the edge of a bottomless pit. Oh blessed!

Is purists no judges available to judge our horse, which is the thin, delicate, of the four times?

Antonio Ramirez Cordova
Utuado, Puerto Rico.

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Antonio is right ... quite simply, the current trial is hurting the Purismo because it opens a door for between error-and horror-our race.

The judges, in their decisions, the model will build the next generation. Therefore it is very important that their decisions are accurate, based on the definition of our horse, in its features ... and not the criteria used in the sport brother Paso Fino Colombiano. This would be the equivalent of having softball umpires in a baseball game, resemble but are not equal.

But it is important-important-to clarify that the decision to use the judges prepared by the Association of Judges and now has more recently by the Technical Federation, been successful and of great benefit to the purism. At least eliminated the "PAN" and brought our judgments objectives criteria. But that is better does not mean it's perfect.

Looking at the judgments in recent years, I see a tendency to worsen. The criteria are more "colombianizados" and vocabulary used is not appropriate. But watch out, this is a trend that transcends and judges you see on the owners, in the assemblers in fans ... can not blame only the judges, but a great responsibility for what happens falls on entities.

You see, the judges of the "old guard" as Strong Wilo or Laguna Cuddly, they know the Paso Fino Cigar, lived part of their history and know the differences between the two races. But we can not expect more new judges, who know firsthand Purism and are markedly influenced by the Colombian Paso Fino, judge objectively know our race if they are not taught. The fault is not theirs, but the directors of judges entities, that our horses rush to judge without more ado.

The same applies to the owners, especially those coming new to the sport and do not know the race ... of course, I do too-Colombians and visiting competencies are influenced by what they do: speed, "apretaera" The "parking" ... and forget that Paso Fino but those things are not up.

The fitters suffer from the same affliction. Many of them ride horses of both breeds and some have the notion that "the same". Recently a recognized fitter said he likes to take the horses to compete "barefoot" (with all that this implies) for not "Trochen". The Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino may be out of step, or lockout may be endorsed, but NEVER will trochado because this is a diagonal air outside our race.

Antonio has shown us a real and serious problem. There are many times we have repeated the same thing in different ways. But today I would like to go further. Instead of just presenting the problem, I would like to invite institutions to step to remedy. I think if they agree, they could prepare a (os) workshop (s) to train these judges, how to recognize the difference between Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino and Paso Fino Colombiano. Wilo and Lulique with David Lang and other resources Purismo could organize and workshop. Call it something like a specialized or, in some professions, continuing education workshop course. But there must be a commitment to institutions use ONLY judges who have taken this workshop. That would be a way to see that there is a "commitment to the race," to use a phrase that was popular some years ago.

It would be interesting, and of course, production-that the workshop was open not only to judges (for them would be a requirement) but for owners and assemblers. So clarify some concepts and to motivate other people to dabble in the prosecution of our horses.

"Engaged" is not who will take a little food or puts a bale of hay a Cigar, but who is interested in learning about race and seeks to preserve it for future generations. All bind ourselves, then, with our sport and our race.

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The Sota

A beautiful story of Prof. Antonio Ramirez Cordova

I leave the house whistling an emotional bolero and my heart becomes victorious, because I will ride my horse The Sota, a chestnut chocolate Paso Puerto Rico Fino, unique in the world, which can be toast or prose poem and look back my childhood, when enjoyed to the utmost a small piece Cochar cow horse, owned by my uncle Lalao Córdova. For me it was a magical flying horse bareback softly, imagining that a bird colored sorrel in the heart of both the peak had by that unforgettable farm black and white cows in Dutch breed.

Me in the instant fanning those memories and I think my eyes have looked too many horses and tell myself smiling in the depths of my life there is a horse and jubilant'll get the back of my querendón and heard snorting in the cage and my own amazement, I also hear the morning light that passes through the crib with her yellow pink and then listen Guamá tree that opens, illuminating in blue this morning Utuado in Paso Palmas neighborhood.

Instantly, under many psalms jíbaro greenery, I tell the wind that the Puerto Rican Paso Fino horse is immortal, like the mythological gods of ancient Greece.

And I go to the crib and I am happy and I say, look at the scenery is beautiful and put at the mercy of one astride a good horse, ride a horse that is deeply live the poetry of life. So I think that if there were bells at that moment I would cast the fly and I say, or I know by heart, that our Paso Fino horses awaken early morning passing the flowers with their cadence centuries.

So when I get to the crib, I repeat what is already known, it would ride on the morning star, but tell me who will ride on the star of the night and turns the soul and add smiling, where the pigeon lands as Now, God comes down.

And I think the calender rooster ago also star when waving their black and orange wings in front of my eyes and the guaraguao goes high, almost touching as white clouds as shaving soap and pint chicken flees in terror behind the manger me and smile and say that the world will never be a dusty old hat. And go down to the bottom of my dream and I think once you have joined two close friends in April when I put the blanket on the back of my horse, I'll ride on the roads of the day satisfied with splendor and joy while The orejea Sota, because he feels that happen again by the beating of my heart in the land of paradise in the infinite.

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Again Prof. Antonio Ramirez Cordova presents us a picture of our race in the history of horse relatarnos Ringer, undoubtedly one of the greatest horses of our time ...


By Antonio Ramirez Cordova
Professor of Literature, UPR Utuado

Ringer, the legendary Puerto Rican Paso Fino champion, unique in the world, was born on October 1, 1980 in Isabela. Intended, since she gave her first steps behind her mother, Tinkerbell, proud to be a king in the stables of the country. A horse has earned within the illuminated words of that exalted assembly fascinating chapter, within and outside the borders of Puerto Rican culture.

The day I first saw competing, making a flowery finery and haughty step, I told a friend: "That horse wins at him." And so it was. He won imposing its class, with prodigious rate and flashes of burning briskly.

It is common knowledge that it was an extraordinary horse dragged after his well-earned fame, many experts, who saw four out of his helmet shining stars, like his father, Ulesati.

I'm just picking up his legend and his fame deserved words lovingly free as the wind, knowing that life is made more omissions than memories.

His breeder was agronomist Jose Elias Abreu, who according to his close associates, he saw that the colt would be with an outstanding time in the history of horse riding horse, so his lineage, as their fine print, Seasoned constellations which rubbed their manes in the wind.

It is said that an eyewitness at the beginning of his taming, under the reins of the teacher, Vivian Feliciano, stated: "That pony would have wanted for himself the Liberator Simon Bolivar."

And the horse was truly lilting one of rampant verve notorious unsurpassed in its balance, perfect neck, raised rash that left gaping at the chair.

One of its editors privileged Gorito Ballester, once said: "I see nothing above the ears when ringer is turned", imagining that the horse wore on those unforgettable moments, a couple of lit jachos tabonuco and heart a medieval crusader.

The Adjuntas sportsman Jorge "Gory" Ballester recognized sports figure Puerto Rican Paso Fino, also sensed that the horse would be a champion, dearly bought their feelings and, to the delight of his wife Lillian, and their children, Mario and Gorito. Therefore always tried to be ridden extraordinary aces flange, such as: Vivian Feliciano, Minin and Black Kuilan, Rodrigo Brand, Gorito Ballester and Adjuntas Rodolfo Maldonado Velez.

They realized early that when riding on their backs, were participants in a feast of the gods, where the viewer could also exultation by the strength, disposition and spontaneity of Ringer, which could naturally overcome with joyful attributes, the best striker "forward" a recopa football.

Gory Ballester horse speaks with pride of feeling in your hands a transparent and untouchable scepter deserved pride. He says it best when he saw it, was once your child Gorito spontaneously let go the bridle and the horse went so smugly, without breaking step, knowing a monarch walking proudly on the seven colors of the rainbow.

Undisguised glee, Ringer adds that he possessed in its heyday of splendid post protruding from the visible sky, because of their helmets and went a perfect escape music, among the majestic moments of his reign as champion.

It should be emphasized that Gory acquired when the horse was four and it was a winner in all regional powers, always showing his high magic and dreamy splendor.

The color of the horse chestnut was full color, large and medium-sized curd presence grace. Amazingly, as the enduring greatness of his symbol.

Was champion booked in World Paso Fino Competition held in Ponce in 1989, as was usual with him, he showed that day, his poetic transience, which was adding to, as he passed the event, as rivals worthy, were fading gradually over Later wheels.

A Ringer so patiently tamed Vivian Feliciano, an ace of aces of the flanges of our history using a "current bocao" which had its bridge in an invisible mark with a V for victory and as said, they did creditor the fair fame that also exceeded our borders as one of his sons, copy Gavilan, wowed spectators Canada. This horse was full brother of Jacaranda Ringer, perhaps the best Paso Fino mare view of a while now.

For your greatness, Ringer was a difficult road traveler came to the somewhat dehydrated skills and then grown, despite the advantage he took, always pull the horn of his splendor of fine horse, tightening the end, as the certainties Soul unbeatable warrior.

Caged, Gory-says-always was dominant temperament, like the sound and power of a river dump.

The Colombian editor, Rodrigo Brand once said, undeterred, if Ringer had stepped Colombian soil, surely registrant had hundreds of mares, lifting eyelids forcing many knowledgeable of the horse world, in the country of magical realism, which fits so much poetry and music.

In his old age the horse champions at home in the paddock Don Ruben Reyes in Juncos, who knew there was always that one of the great champions of Paso Fino of all time. Referring to the horse always said Ringer "Gory horse", in tribute to the friendship that has united in the waves of time.

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Has arrived he so expected, and who came had to come

Now came the expected breeding Paradise Coast and Buenaventura ... and as we had the macho (Paradise Loma), we had high hopes that this second time we did the crossing out us hembrita ... and gave us ...! Hembrita, sorrel, mask and patiblanca ... and if all this were not enough, he was born big, beautiful and strong ... I do not know if you have noticed, but we are CRAZY with it ... now we need to look for name ... you help us? ...?

Given names:
Francisca (by Naomi, in honor of the new Pope)
Princess Buenaventura (by Lourdes)
Bienandanza (Sandra)

A little video that Naomi took with his iPhone,

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